New Balance TC660 Senior Cricket Bat


The TC 660 Cricket Bat features Grade 3 Unbleached English Willow, only the finest for this stunning piece of cricket equipment which is sure to be a huge hit worldwide as we move towards the new season. This bat will suit all kinds of cricketer as it offers a mid swell for those players who like to come down the pitch and hit huge boundaries to those flare players who make delicate touches and build the ultimate innings.

At All Rounder Cricket we believe you will find it extremely difficult to find such a quality bat with great size anywhere currently on the market. A brand new or old ball will ping beautifully off the face of the TC 660 Cricket Bat and this stunning piece of cricket equipment has a 6 Piece Singapore Cane Oval Handle to make it extremely comfortable in the hands of any batsman.

With such a high RRP price you are certainly getting great value for money buying the New Balance TC 660 Cricket Bat here at All Rounder Cricket as we feel we are offering this amazing bat at such an unbelievable price.


New Balance TC660 Senior Cricket Bat

Bat Attributes
 Natural English Willow
Edge Thickness: 37mm (average size)
Blade Style: Slight Bow
Middle: Low swell middle
Handle Style: 6 piece Singapore cane Oval shape, cane/cork/rubber
Grip: White/Royal Chevron NB Grip
Comments: After another successful, New Balance has produced another range of top quality cricket bats. Designed in conjunction with Australian star Steve Smith, this bat has been made for the straight hitting batsman. Featuring a lower sweet spot, a high-peaking spine and maximum edges.

This bat requires oiling and preparation before use.  If you would like us to take care of this for you, we provide a Complete Bat Preparation service which can be added to your purchase.  It is also highly recommended that extra Tec is applied to your bat once oiled and prepared properly, this will give the bat extra protection and also make it maintenance free for approx. 12 months.


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